Telling it All: A review of ‘Tale Journey’

Tale Journey21 is a magical number.  It signifies that special age which gives one the licence to savour the best hues of life in the best possible way. It is no wonder that Kavya Janani’s little book entitled ‘Tale Journey’ brings out those the myriad emotions of life through 21 stunning tales.

‘Tale Journey’ is an excellent collection of 21 tales which takes the readers through various shades of life. What first caught my eye was the brilliant packaging of the stories – the book being divided into different sections – each section offering an independent genre. The idea of each section beginning with a relevant quote is marvellous.

But the best part of ‘Tale Journey’ is of course it’s contents. What makes Kavya’s book a must read is the fact that she has written each story as per the requirement of the story, without falling into the trap of creating a signature style. As a result, we often get the feeling that each story is written by different persons – which helps retain the balance and flavour of the book. For instance, in the section comprising of ‘Love’ stories, there is an intensely emotional story as ‘Silence of Rain’ as well as a quirky and fun story as ‘You’re my Mobilentine’ and even a fairy tale in the form of ‘Princess Charming’.  Similarly, no one would believe that the one who wrote ‘The Gift of Love’, also is the writer of ‘Twenty Three Minutes’.

Though Kavya has refrained from building any signature style, what seems to be the USP of her stories is the way she ends her stories. There always is a twist towards the end that gives the stories a  ‘O.Henry-ish’ feel to it. ‘Case of a Lucky Girl’ is one such story which distinctly has this feel to it.

Her stories take us through a roller coaster ride. We get to smell the ‘Kurinji’ flowers, feel the warmth of love add glow to our face, bite our nails in the anticipation of ‘what next’, laugh our heart out in genuine mirth and be inspired – all while reading one single book.

Do not miss this chance of getting to feel the beauty of 21. It would be a journey you would remember for a long, long time.

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